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    Gratuitous Duck Photos


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    Gratuitous Duck Photos

    Post by andrea on Mon Apr 27, 2015 12:40 pm

    I noticed that my 'bird of the month photo' wasn't working, so I wanted to post new photos so that we could put something else up there.  Of course, as soon as I logged into photobucket, in took all my pictures out of the archive and now the picture link is working again.

    Since I was in photobucket anyway, I figured I might as well upload some gratuitous Ducki photos.  So here we go!

    Making a mess in my purse:
    (I was digging out shredded paper bits for weeks!)

    Enjoying 'his' towel rack while he dries off after a bath:
    (I won't lie, his foot size was taken into account when purchasing that rack)

    I'm on a doctor-required sugar free diet (BOOOOOO!), so I make my own organic apple juice popsicles.  I took several pictures of my thief, but he kept moving.  Here's the clearest one:

    Somebirdy's molting, and has been getting lots of scritching as a result.  Here's yesterday's cuddle session:

    Ducki's a magnet!

    That's all  Wink


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