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  1. Thu May 19, 2011 4:09 pm
    Message by Twinkysmom25 - Just joined your group.
    Hi everyone.We just joined your group.Our family had started off with adopting two birds,almost 2 years ago.Now we have 15 birds.There is Peter the African grey, we rescued in March of 2010.Then there is Rusty,the Sengal.He was rescued last July.Next we have Twinky the Green Quaker.We bought him from Exotic Wings in September of 2009. We had our friend Ami hand raise a budgie named Gizmo. He is my daughter's bird.Gizmo will be 2 in August.We have 3 budgies given to us.And finally, we had Ami hand raise 6 lovebirds for us.What a house full of feathered friends. All these birds came home to our house within a year.All are happy and content.



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